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Thursday, December 31, 2015

free basics. persisting doubts

simple doubts persist.
1. what is the guarantee that whatsapp or skype will remain free even if free basics is banned ? what will prevent the providers from charging a fee for skype or whatapp which i feel is a service ? how is that some internet services , in fact many services , are paid services even today ?
2. how will i be prevented from using the full internet and free basics simultaneously ? my doubt is basically becoz i am able to dine at  a 5 star hotel 5 days a year  and at a village tea shop all the remaining 360  days. i see no constraints except my lean purse. in fact , had this village tea shop been banned on the basis of a motivated campaign,  i would never have had enough money left in my purse to visit a 5 star hotel once in 5 years
3. how will free basics or any other system mange to stifle google and other mighty competitors to establish a monopoly in the cyber space ? what are background scenes, even if in dreams, which accompany this monopoly  nightmare
4. is this campaign to  ban  free basics an attempt to prevent further competition and consequent price cutting and thus establish a monopoly of sorts ?  are there deeper dimensions to this ban free basic campaign than the free basic camapign itself