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Saturday, January 2, 2016

an 8 year old post recalled ....1

one more for the road

it happened yesterday. it happened the day before. it will happen tomorrow and the day after.

i was travelling in one of those city buses which take you to  ernakulam city. there was no   traffic jam for a change. and the bus ws also not crowded. i was enjoying the rare privilege of occupying a seat in one of the city buses ; that too on a working day.

suddenly  i heard a sound . that of metal parts rubbing together. i heard another sound and the bus screeched to a stop. we all got out  and saw a middle aged lady lying  in a pool of bed.  her right hand dangled free from the elbow. she was conscious and crying out in great pain.

some of the passengers called an auto and  rushed her to the hospital.   she may lose her arm but she will survive and get back to near normal life pretty soon.   thank god for the small mercies.

bus driver as usual escaped in another bus.  the crowd roughed up the door man and he too ran off.  (crowds are reacting these days.  we keralites are known for our analytical bend of mind. we generally  move away from any scene of action , brood over the nuances in silence or discus the implications loud and clear in  a group. we go rather deep into all aspects during the discussions. but we never get involved .but now a days we are  inclined to take action. at least in a crowd.)   and the conductor  did not dare to come back to the bus to retrieve his bag,  a little fear in the minds of those speeding devils will help. in course of time.

the point however is not any of this.  before the auto which took the injured to the hospital a maruti car appeared on the scene  . the only person in the car was the driver probably the owner.  back seat was  empty and big enough for the injured lady to relax.  he stopped the vehicle and explained that he is an employee and has to get to work in time. his boss will not listen to anything. so please excuse him.

we  in kerala had a time when anyone taking an inured to a hospital would be harassed for days. the police and the court and the hospital authorities   together will make him regret for the the rest of his life. thankfully the scene is changing  thanks to the initiative  taken by the government.

the point is
can the govt take some more steps
 advising the employers to
 grant  special leave  to an employee who helps an accident victim .
( give him  two days if an incentive is okay ) .  let the government make a beginning with its own employees.

yes  these are indeed  very small steps.   but let us try and give  that man in the car a small push. he may come over and be useful  the next time.