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Friday, December 24, 2010

why dig up roads

we dig up roads even before the tar dries up.
for valid reasons many times. to lay cables along side.
but for gods sake why not lay an iron or concrete pipe
along all new roads . cables and even water pipes can
easily be pushed thru this conduits. with out digging
up the roads. these pipes can be even even across the
road at junctions for future use. but then if roads cannot
be dug up what   p w d   for . what prestige water works
departments can claim.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

education loans .. a few suggestions

when banks were told to popularise education loans they were sceptic. now they are proved right, well, almost. education loan accounts for a major portion of bad loans in banks.
there are a few problem areas in the education loan segment. repayment obligation is too heavy in many cases. for example for a five year course the loan amount goes up by about 50% by the time the student starts repaying (hopefully from the sixth year). this amount is to be repaid in the next five years with compound interest . many jobs simply do not provide such salaries.

the other problem is that the student forgets to keep in touch with the bank once the course ( and the loan disbursement) is over. it becomes very difficult for the banker to trace the student and his employer.

but education loan is a great step forward. there is no meaning in denying an aspiring student a venue just because he doesnt have enough money. here are a few suggestions to improve education loan segment.

from the student's side

-- estimate the repayment obligation before availing the loan

-- start repayment at the earliest , even during the course period if one can afford it.

-- inform the bank details of employment or otherwise

from govt side

-- consider further reduction in rate of interest. even at zero rate of interest , education loan may provide positive returns to the society at large.

-- consider substantial increase in repayment period. even a ten year period is ok. after all the student will be in gainful employment for a much longer period.

-- make it mandatory for the colleges to send information to the financing banks on the progress and completion of of study and employment details if any

-- make the student decalre education loan liability if any in his bio data for job application. make it compulsory starting with govt and public sector jobs.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

table cover paper for parties

marriage parties and almost all other feasts are now being managed almost entirely by professional groups. they decorate the  stage , cook the food  and serve it nicely to the guests. and they bring in innovations too.
one such innovation is covering the desk with paper which helps in removing the left over easily.
and the latest is spreading this paper in multilayers . just remove the first layer with the left over and the table is ready for the next session.
my suggestion is to the manufacturers of this paper ( let us call it the dining paper ) to make it in multi layers.
if the paper comes in say 3 ply , it saves a lot of time . at one one go three layers can be laid.
for the manufaturers it is the question of effecting minor mofification in their packing section.

let us see who picks up this idea first

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the story contest.. reunion

lila was smart . smart enough to pull every one of her enemies into a trap. she called the party precisely with this intention.
she told the writer and probably every one that she had only a few years to live. an indication that she knew that she would be killed soon. she was telling every one that one of you would kill me.
yes . she was setting the perfect stage to implicate her enemies in a murder case.
but then someone should get killed . lila could have killed herself for that. but she was not the type to say good bye to a lif which she enjoyed. see how she distributed her love . and survived many an attempt on her life.
so lila killed sia her twin. not becoz she disliked sia. yes she did, but not enough to kill her. but she saw in the  death of sia an opportunity to send her enemies  to jail .
so lila killed sia and made it appear as though lila was killed by one of the five suspects.
but  how  i dont know . really dont know

se the full story on blogadda

Monday, May 17, 2010


every thing from electrons to galaxies spin around an axis and revolve around a core.  strange isnt it ?

what is that space between the electron and the nucleus in an atom ? is it some sort of a net from which these atoms hang ? or  is there a thread running thru this space in each atom  which can probably explain magnetism , gravity etc ?

matter is mainly made up of this space . if this space is removed what is left out is very little. for example if a human body is compressed by removing the  space in the atoms ( with which the whole body is built , of course, in numerous combinations ) we will need a microscope to see what is left out.

unbelievable isnt it ?   link below to great things

Thursday, May 13, 2010

under ground pipes

why not put the layout of  pipes laid under roads on the net on public domain ? vigilant citizens can put in a word when the road is cut . 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

solar air conditioner

why is that we do not have air conditioners
working on solar power ?  is the snag technical
commercial or  political ?

Sunday, January 10, 2010


time is a very difficult concept. time is definitely not that infinite straight line which  we think it is.
the idea of past presence and future is really difficult to comprehend.

think of the life of  a bacteria which lives only for a few seconds .
or take the example of  a butterfly which let us assume lives for 6 hours.
that is 6 hours of human time.
from a human perspective where is the past and future of this butterfly ?.
we see the entire stretch of 6 hours in one lot  in our present time.

think of a species whose one day consists  of our 100 years. ( we can see such reference
in our religious scriptures ) . for Him our entire life is present time.  our concept of past and future
simply does not apply.

let us reread that good old story.

in a dark  room there are three  people playing different instruments.
and there is a narrow beam of light which scans the room in really slow
motion. at a prticular time the beam is on the violinist and the violinist
comes into our view. after some time the beam moves to the drummer.
we see the drummer.
human mind draws the following conclusions .

in the room a violinist played  yesterday ( the  past ) and a drummer played
today. who will play tomorrow ( the future ) is not known.

but the fact is that a violinist , a drummer and  a guitarist are all playing
at the same time.

probably time is that fourth dimension which takes us ( in the other three dimensions )
into and out of incidents ( and accidents ). and the aggegate of incidents describes the world
in a more comprehensive manner.

measuring time in terms of increments ( of hours ,days,years etc ) is probably inappropriate.