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Saturday, December 26, 2015

the left can never be right in india

the left can never be right in india. as they are caught up in a terrible mess of their making nay their thinking. and they can never really come out as it is all in their minds.
1. party is supreme. the theory that is disproved  many times over. the latest by modi . and a little earlier by their own man in tripura.
   but the party will never  admit that collective wisdom of a few conservatives can at no time tower over the vision of one or two  enlightened individuals. though history is replete with examples. in fact history is the story of these individuals and not of any collective wisdom groups.
2. annihilate the dissenter. read killing of tps in kerala . it is off shoot of the fascist setup and a secret consolation for the party which once thought they can kill at will in the name of revolution. which they now  know but will never admit will never happen. so why not relive the red dream. see the class enemy in a dissenter and annihilate him and shout inquilab zindabad .
   the pity is that the lure is too strong to resist. at least for this generation. only hope is in the new generation. if and when they emerge.
3. always in the teaching mode. party should teach non stop as the poor public needs a lesson a day. a natural reaction to the never ending party classes they attended in the early days. a secret desire to take it out on some one.
    a total misfit today. no body wants to take lessons now.  becoz they know better than the teacher. the party. any party for that matter.  not becoz what the left preach is not practiced  by them or any one. but becoz it is not even packaged properly. the way it is delivered for example  across tv channels in expert discussions is disgusting. 
  but there is light at the end of this tunnel. the youth even those in the left outfits are averse to this attempt at indoctrinating themselves. and others.