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Saturday, February 26, 2011

power line deaths

unbelievable but true. linemen repairing power lines get
electrocuted at alarmingly regular and short inervals in kerala.
authorities say it is becoz the linemen do not follow procedure.
like carrying a pole to short circuit the line to earth before
working on the line.

it is cumbersome and and not easy to carry these shorting rods
every time one goes for repair. that too on urgent calls and thru
busy streets and lanes obstructed by tree branches.

why not attach these shorting rods to major electric posts
at the time of erecting these posts . linemen can pull a lever
and short the lines before starting the repair work.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


1.   video calling
     without video calling what use is 3g ?
     but many of the low cost mobiles come with just one camera.
     may be they want to save on the cost of the second camera.
     but why cant we think of a swivel camera , which can face you
     when u r on video call and face the object when u r shooting ?

2.  mobile as computer
     mobiles are expected to replace computeres at least in india.
     but what to do for the typing without a proper key pad ?
     why not think of a key board (  rubber based , foldable ) which
     can be  plugged into the mobile thru a  usb port ? so what is
     required is a usb port in the mobile which should not be a big deal .

Sunday, February 13, 2011

frogs in the well--time to revisit them ?

are there aliens ? do we have cousins elsewhere in the universe ? god alone knows.

the problem is with the space-time barrier .

think of the frog in that fabled well. he thinks that his well is the only palce in the whole universe at least for frogs. there may exist aliens like human beings , flying objects like birds, crawling things like snakes elswehere; becoz he has felt their presence , if not seen , ccasionally in his well . but no other well with frogs any where else.

his problem is that he cannot get out of his well. unless he comes out he can never see or imagine the topography with another similar well just a jump away. but that leap is blocked by solid earth which is beyond his comprehension. if only he knew how to drill a hole thru the rock he will reach another well quite similar to his.

are we all in a well ? unable to break thru the barrier and unaware of it . is it the reason why we use light years and such incomprehensible jargons when we talk about stars and galaxies. they could be just a leap away if only we knew how to break the barrier.

but a frog is destined to remain a frog in the well. and we are to remain in our own large well.

concept of god becomes relevant here.