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Saturday, March 10, 2012

forget and forgive

forget and forgive is the advice we hear very often. it is the panacea for ending all disputes , stopping all quarrels and removing all illwill. but how do we do that ?  do we have the ability to forget ? i am not aware of any one who has the ability to forget voluntarily. the more one tries to forget something the more it is remembered. the very efforts aimed at forgetting brings it to the fore and in fact reinforces its memory. so forget the desire to forget. instead remember to forgive which should still work

Sunday, March 4, 2012

railways and social service

strange are the ways our railways react. if  an employee
torments a lady passenger he gets reinstated in two days .
ultimately casting aspersions on the lady who dared to

on the other extreme the railways have now decided to
perfect its customer service by keeping  anyone with  a bad
breath  away from its trains. passengers and their colleagues
 will have to pass a breath analyser test if they are to board
a train or enter the platform. if any trace of  alcohol is
detected he will be  fined and jailed.

an attempt to offer social service by freeing our  society
of  the alcohol evil .

railways can go a step further and think of  stipulating a good
conduct certificate as a pre requisite for buying a ticket. which
would be hailed as another social service initiative . close on  the
heels of the drive against liqour.