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Friday, September 27, 2013

cell phone intrusion- a reply

u r right on the right hand side. phones are intruding into our personal space.
u r not that right on the left hand side. these always on cell phones changed the way we look at staying connected. just like what automobiles did to moving around. and it cant be reversed. in fact nothing can be reversed ever as time is a one way flow.
now there is a path in the centre. right in front of u. keep the phones and all thse intruders away for a specified period. exactly what u did.
this new pilgrimage will revive u and reconnect u to all that u missed. then u can come back and hug the phone closer and longer. just like what u do after a period of abstinence.
yes. obsession with the phones is the new normal.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

learn free absolutely free

ever wondered why no free courses on the internet ?
which u can use for learning engg or for improving yr
professional skill or just for the fun of learning.
which u can learn in yr free time. without spending money.
which is designed by profssional teachers of the best
universities in the world. on almost all subjects like
digital signal processing , advanced calculus ,
introduction to logic , basics of financial accounting,
how to bring up social change or or how to write a graphic novel.

i am surprised to find all these in the site

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

why not distribute population to alleviate poverty

this comment is not exactly about the monitoring techniques but about the basic issues involved in poverty alleviation.
we probably need a little more insight into where poverty begins and how it spreads. poverty of course is the shortage of cash and kind required to meet the daily requirements of life. if u have no food u r in poverty. if u have no cloth u r poor. if u have no house to spend the night u r in poverty. if u cant afford a minimum of entertainment u r deprived and poor.
similarly if a country fails to provide minimum facilities as above to all of its citizens the country is in poverty.a country is poor if it fails to offer its citizen sanitation , transport, education , jobs and security. and opportunities to grow .
now coming back to the basic reasons for pverty, faulty distribution of wealth  stands out. this is linked firmly to many important factors like the political situation ,  traditional beliefs, historical influences  etc. which are very difficult to tackle thru outside intervention. crux of the matter is that nothing wortwhile can be done in this except soft campaign to change the thinking of the people .
the next main reason of poverty is the lack of resources . this is where donors are coming in. they make up for  the shortage of cash to some extent. but the issue is how do tackle the problem of distribution . monitoring by the donor agencies is an option. surveys and analysis are useful here. but the real test is to ensure that the money that the donors give away reaches the right target which is basically controlled by the government of that country.

the point i am trying to make is that  we have to look for more effective means to fight poverty. which brings us to the third and probably most important reason of poverty. it is the population . this is the one factor which defeats any attempt to alleviate poverty. there is simply no way in which the scarce resources of a poor country can be distributed among its millions. becoz it doesnt add up to anything when we consider the share of the individual. the denominator is such a large number pushing the ratio to zero or therabouts.
now the purpose of writing this piece. why cant we think of redistributing the world population in a more  equitable manner . on this earth we have places and countries where we need people to live.  in other parts there is no place even to stand erect. why cant we think of evening out world population ? just as an idea. an intellectual exercise. an early morning dream.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

these mysterious prime numbers

i chanced upon a few prime numbers  while checking for
 prime in the link on the top right of this blog. astonishingly
the first no. i tried was prime. i got 6 more prime numbers in as
many minutes. strange isnt it ? have a look at the numbers
which are all prime. see the build up . astonishing !