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Sunday, December 27, 2015

free basics. the ad that is less than basic

i am for free basics. i was, to be precise.
after seeing the 10 point 2 full page face book ad in leading newspapers, well , i am not sure.  the logic is simple. a company  that is so careless and unimpressive in a major ad campaign is either insincere or inefficient . untrustworthy in either case.
the only point  the ad makes , other than statistics from silly surveys of support in disjoint country states , is that  free basics has succeeded in pushing more people to paid internet services than ever before . and that is the point.  after all it is business. of a different hue. with no free lunch thrown in . as usual.
the only other  sensible point the ad makes is that every one is free to upload their works subject only to specific technical standards. but it is still vague.. the ad declares that no work which passed technology test  was ever rejected .good but not enough. what is the guarantee that the policy will continue ? what is required is an affirmation that  all contributions which meet the stringent tech standards will be accepted in future too. without any other considerations like business,  politics or personal preference.
incidentally i am yet to understand why net neutrality champions are against free basics. but i will continue to try.