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Friday, January 2, 2015

tweets recap ...2

i read my tweets of 2014 again . just to know
what i really tweeted. here is the recap 2
WWW. Worry is not Worth Worrying about. you worry.
 so you are human, not a robot, not an animal.
  do worry and don't worry about worry please

nithari killer koli to be hanged.only evidence.
 his confession.will anyone confess voluntarily?
  should self confessions be banned as evidence

if terrorism is a boiling pot on a gas stove
 the best solution is to raise the price of gas.
  the worst of course is to close the lid tight.

predictable response is the best response. israel
 is using it .now india too. good. remove all
  the grey areas to avoid test incursions

you thought captcha is an irksome waste ?
 airtel is using it as advt tool. click it
  to find something like 'airtel is great' as captcha

euthanasia has to come. tomorrow. but today let us take
 hospital bill off the dying. let the govt foot the bill
  of anyone dying in hospital

life is all that happens between birth and death.
 and all that happens is all that should. just play
  along and that is life. nothing more .

why do governors look for loopholes to cling on to
 the post ? right or wrong the govt will eventually win.
  why guv shd fight a losing battle

why do we throw dead bodies into sacred ganga ?
 cant we think of a more spiritually satisfying way
  of bidding farewell to our beloved souls?

smrithi should not keep mum or dodge questions
 on her educational qualification. what it is is
  not important. but why there is confusion is

"My concern is that too many people are working too
  long hours and too hard, and ... a significant amount
   of people can't get work," Ashton

"Aren't you safe? You're not facing any danger, are you?
  Then why are you worried? What's it to you?" UP CM
   replying to a query on gang rape

"The real purpose of books is to trap the mind into
  doing its own thinking." Christopher Morley

healthy criticism. the new phrase in circulation in kerala.
 which means: appear to say a lot,but keep them vague,
  incoherent and nonspecific

six elderly people committed suicide in china. to die before
 june 1st 2014. to get buried and not cremated.
  (china bans burial from june 1st)

if those who hanged the teen sisters in UP continue to walk
 the earth 6 months from now what should we think of govts.
  judiciary, ourselves?

sony experia z2. the ad says details matter. and gives all.
 including the down payment amount. except the price.
  details masked also matter !

aap is a was great to watch when it burned
 bright in the sky so near to us.when can v see another
  such spectacle? any predictions?

smriti refuses to answer questions on her qualifications.
 all questions to be attempted. modi should ensure it.
  this is a transparency exam

did u see the bhagyachakram advt on reporter channel.
 i thought reporter is different and dependable. no way.
 it is anything for money dear.

right turning (with clockwise orientation) conk shell.
 wonderful wealth giver. buy it cheap. see the tv ads.
  is there no limit to absurdity?

We all know that art is not the truth, art is a lie
 that makes us realize the truth. - Pablo Picasso

RSP the latest wonder. with congress in kerala.
 with CPM in bengal. central committee has approved
  this adjustment. in delhi ? BJP. who else

lesson from tripura for cpm. discipline bordering fascism
 may hold the party together but it is individual
  charisma that wins elections.

--says supreme court,"legislature cannot neutralise
   the effect of the judgement". legislature judiciary
    equation redefined? or reiterated?

marijuana use legal in US.available in open stores.
 big crime in india. lethargy to change old rules or
  vested interest to continue the ban?

surianelli verdict.welcome relief. that the victim did
 not try to escape was earlier held against her.
  the poor girl couldnt is now accepted

American Embassy School in visa fraud. wives of american
 embasy staff in delhi declared as 'house wife'
  but worked as teachers in the school

if there exists a dividing line between judiciary and
 the executive then it is time to notify its coordinates.
  let it be an election gift

'--drones can be deployed anywhere in the world.
    their effects are immediately devastating -indiscriminate
     killing of the so called targets'

now that wireless electricity is in, let someone think
 of transmitting that small power required to run a
  cell phone, along with the signals

after the selfie rage it should be the drone now.
 drone borne cameras to make films. any angle, up, down,
  upside down, close, zoom, anything

drone is the newest danger. only the US has the tech.
 US used it to kill many people in pakistan, yemen,
  somalia. no real protests so far.

the missing plane is probably gone for ever. accident
 or sabotage. any other story,8 days late,can only be
   day dreaming of the bizzarre kind

evayani issue. the poor guy harara is just a pawn.
 the game is played by the US govt. to settle scores 
  with india on IPR, iran, nuclear etc

FII lift sensex but why? cash stacked abroad is coming back?
 or a trade trick to attract the locals and then exit
  suddenly with neat profit?

devayani re-indicted.can't we think of indicting the US
 diplomat who helped sangeetha's husband escape the
  proceedings in an indian court ?

mercy killing. if fear of misuse is the key, electricity
 should have been banned. kills instantly and easier
  to misuse than mercy killing

...parents forced to wait outside infosys mysore.
     not even basic courtesy extended. unbelievable.
      casual neglect or deliberate humiliation??

last minute flights. if ur train ticket is
 on wait list for 3 days u can book emergency
  flight tickets thru irctc