q u o t e

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

swach bharat

u r i nation ?  yes . but how long can u go with a full bladder ? public urinals , where r they ?  haven't u heard of school girls in kerala refusing to drink  water ?  in schools. in kerala.

scorching earth absorbs it . great. no threat of  floods. if the air hots up enough to evaporate this body fluid mid stream, well, nothing like it.

otherwise we can continue to run campaigns from posh office suits. going out in the field is not worth the risk. if u r not  prepared to  practise our  u r i nation policies . more campaigns. more on face book. let us satisfy ourselves that we r doing  things. that way we can avoid doing anything useful. and sit back and read this piece. provided u have a decent place to empty your bladder . which of course is a luxury. and it will hopefully remain so.