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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

how to improve service

we should probably start with the employee arrogance problem which of course is not the most pressing problem but is the one that can be solved easily and is unlikely to recur  once solved.
here is a small example of employee arrogance bordering on sadism .

 ---   at trivandrum rly stn  on the evening of 23 rd jan 2015 two girls sit in the corner weeping as they did not have the cash to pay the rs 350 fine imposed for entering the platform without tickets which costs may be rs 20 or 30.  rly officials know pretty well the complications if the girls miss this evening train, but they decide to  stick to rules with dedication bordering on sadism. 
-- in the same stn on the same day fine of rs 350 each is collected from two college students even after the third in the group, a girl student , who was standing in the  que when the boys entered the platform brought the ticket and showed to the inspectors.

the problem basically is that rly have no system for regular checking of tickets. they manage by random checks and humiliation of the defaulters which probably is not acceptable in any civilised setup.
here are a few suggestions.
-- extend the season ticket facility to all regular commuters. remove the distance restriction.
-- allow  more private parties to sell tickets. even shops in the platform can be enlisted.
-- discontinue platform tickets. no one comes to a rly stn for sight seeing these days
-- arrange to sell tickets in the train . a premium can definitely be collected.
-- bring back the humanitarian approach. collecting fine should not be more important than avoiding scarring young impressionable minds irreparably