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Monday, January 19, 2015


will  information be available  in public domain , ever ?

--  sunanda  went for a detailed medical examination in kerala . what was the diagnosis ?
        if it is too personal, did the doctors clear her or did they confirm some  serious ailment ?
--  while in kerala the couple had patched up . they had also tweeted so. how  did the patch fail ?
--  in delhi  sunanda moved to the common room. on tharoor's invitaion  ? or on her own ?
 -- did the couple have physical fight in the delhi hotel ?
--  when did tharoor know of sunanda's death ?  what was the message and who gave it ?
--  what tharoor believes is the cause of sunanda's death ? murder  ? suicide ? accident ? natural ?
--  what is swamy hinting at but holding back ? why ?