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Monday, January 5, 2015


it is time for memory recall and probably nothing else. an 8 year old piece to start with.



born to beg

it happens every where. i saw it again last month.
 a small  boy crawls in front of you . he lifts his half leg and extends his hand. i toss a coin and then regret my action.
why did i encourage child abduction , maiming and forced begging,  albeit indirectly.
it was in the  papers a few months back . in one of the villages not farther than 20 kilometers from the city a gang is accosted and beaten up.  on the fearthat they abduct children.  the gang is handed over to the police . but chances are that they are back in the street in two days.
think of the stories that we hear   of f and on.  kids are picked up and taken to dens.  they are then    blinded  amputed or  disfugured in a suitable manner. they are then taken to streets and made to beg .  and the owner  keeps an eye on his pet animal. lest it escapes.
he should not have been thus bothered.  fear has been instilled so early in life and in such a cruel manner that the boy will never ever think of escape or normal life.
think of the parents who lost the child and probably know that the child may still be alive. probably with one eye, half a leg and no fingers ; possibly chained and caged , beaten and dragged.
1.  are we supposed to trust the law and sit tight  or do we have the
right to react , if needed , violently  ?
2. can't someone start a national movement to rehabilitate
all those child beggars in one lot ? will it be too difficult for
the government to fund and support such a move ?
3. shall we take an oath here and now not to give alms to any children ?  (this will make the forced begging scheme non viable )