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Saturday, January 17, 2015

dr meenakumari report

Report of the Expert Committee Constituted for Comprehensive Review of the Deep Sea Fishing Policy and Guidelines 

this report is a beauty . i could only read the executive summary of this 140 page report, so far. given below are selected excerpts to kindle your reading interest. and to seek  clarification on some of my doubts.

                    'Sustainable exploitation of fisheries resources
                     in the Indian EEZ should be the primary condition
                     for any utilization plan of  Indian EEZ. Restoration
                      of resources not only cost but often  impossible.'
 i could find no recommendation  to ensure sustainable    

             ' In the same vein, the industry is also of the view
               that the spawning  seasons of tuna species such
               (yellow fin and big eye) do not coincide with the
               period of the uniform ban on fishing implemented 
              by the Government of India every year. The industry
              has requested for a review of this ban period for the
              DSFVs and suggested that  such vessels may be
              exempted from the purview of the ban.'
spawning seasons of tuna do not coincide with
 the ban period   so let there be no ban for deep
 sea fishing vessels.  help me with the logic.

                'Reporting mechanisms of mid-sea transshipment
                of catch should  be reviewed further in order to plug
                 the loopholes,if any,on alleged under-reporting of
                 catches. The Industry has also suggested that the
                 requirements of daily reporting should not be insisted 
                 upon when the vessel is not fishing.'
 under- reporting if any . no reporting on non-fishing
 days. how to know fishing day or not . except to assume
that no report means  not fishing . all very confusing .

there are very specific recommendations on relaxing
 the norms to enable foreign crew to be engaged freely.
and nothing , as far as i could see, about any impact on
local fishermen. 

may be i will have to read the full report. probably it was
not there in the terms of reference