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Friday, January 16, 2015

priya pillai case

Subject:Freedom of Speech
Message:On January 11, the Indian government went against an Indian woman and her freedom of speech. It is appalling that when the world is committing to free speech, India, the largest democracy is trying to muzzle it. As we approach our 65th Republic Day, our constitutional rights are being violated. By banning Greenpeace Campaigner Priya Pillai from travelling to the United Kingdom, the Indian government is crushing dissent. Priya was going to address British MPs about saving the oldest sal forests of Asia in the region of Mahan in India, which are under threat of mining by Essar (Essar Energy is a UK-based company). Fighting for Indians to have access to clean air, water and energy does not make you anti-national. Instead, suppressing a people-powered movement and taking away an individual’s rights does. Today it is Priya and Greenpeace. Tomorrow it could be any of us. I have already signed up to protect my constitutional rights. You should too here: