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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

swach bharat ...2

spittoon ?   yes . a big one. but why not ? if i spit on the road and if it falls on just dropped cow dung what is so wrong with it  ?  when i fall into a muddy patch right in the middle of the road and manage to pull my legs out, if i spit ... if the stench from open drains along side  the foot path which i have to share with buffaloes , suffocates me and forces me to spit out .....crux of the matter is if the roads and the public places are inviting spittoons , i can not hold myself.

have u ever seen spit on a clean stretch of road or a neat wall ? not becoz it has been freshly cleaned or becoz an average indian has not been to the place . but becoz in those places u do not get your mouth filled with saliva.

and the 'do not spit here' sign boards. as if i was looking long for the sign board advising me  not to spit and finally when i could find none i decide to spit...if sign boards are such powerful tools why can't we put up more saying  'do not go hungry',  'do not  get exploited'

i think it was quite recently that a minister said road accidents are due to the wrong walking style of pedestrians. meaning it is not the pot holes on the roads or the vehicles spilling out to the foot paths or the lack of foot paths at all. it is the common man to blame .

 instead of trying the 'preaching to the individual' style let us try developing,  improving the infrastructure , the common utilities and see if the public cooperates in maintaining it. without the 'do not' sign boards. we can then think of  some  'do' sign boards .