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Thursday, March 12, 2015


UNITECH LTD defaulted in payment of FD
Complaint Against Unitech Fixed Deposit:
Lot of small Investors will be interested to earn few
percentage extra interest compared to Bank interest.
And the FD is considered as secured against investing
in equity. We accumulate some savings after paying
honest TAX to GOVT and secure it for future or immediate
future. It could be for pre-paying Home Loans or to pay
EMI's for tough times (my case is similar).

We invested in Unitech FD thinking it is safe and now
Unitech has defaulted payment of Principle after
getting the original certificate surrender from investors
like me. Lot of investors have filed complaint with
Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) and MCA has responded
back saying they are working towards it.

I'm raising this concern in all forums so that small investors
like me get justification and quick settlement as we have
EMI's pressure.

PLEASE HELP to build pressure and MCA can initiate penal
action against Unitech LTD.