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Thursday, October 31, 2013

telepathy real ?

many people say they get this gut feeling about impending events or accidents to their dear ones ? they are not faking . they dont need to. so is it real?  here is an explanation. a pseudo scientific one.

our thoughts are radio waves too. and they are transmitted or radiated just like any other signal. and each one has his own frequency.  if these frequencies or their harmonics match then one gets tuned into another man's thought wave. and he feels the other man's thoughts. but these thought signals are very low intensity radiations. and the frequency range-- i mean the carrier frequency-- is very big. so this happens rarely.

join the debate. keep posting . let me see if i can tune into your thought waves and read your mind before reading your post . or the other way. try to catch my thought waves and see if they match what i post here. all the best.