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Sunday, October 13, 2013

will the fan go the filament bulb way ?

sundays are  for cleaning . both the mind and the house.
some of the  thinngs  i pushed out of my mind are already
on these pages.  now it is the turn of the house.

i crawled up to that creepy store room above the kitchen .
lo and behold . there glows a filament bulb. i thought it
had become extinct. may be that i missed this one at the
remotest corner of my house when i replaced all the filament
type bulbs two years back. with cfl  bulbs and later with led tubes.

in fact what were these filament bulbs doing ? eat up a lot of
electric power, heat up its filament and give us a little bit of
light  . and a lot of heat . which i can feel here in the store room.
 so these filament bulbs deserved to be thrown out .

what about the fans which adorn  our rooms ? what do they
really do ?

eat up a lot of power , about 100 w , and swing the air
in circles. i really dont understand how it helps in cooling
the room or giving  any relief to the sweltering heat. except
may be dry out the sweat faster whcih will help further
sweating and when that too dries out  we feel somesort
of relief. more feigned than real.

isnt it  time that the fan joined the filament bulb in the extinct club ?
to be replaced by air conditioners if u really want to cool the room
or nothing if u can manage it by opening up the windows and
allowing cooler outside air to come in. or better still designing
the house to allow this free flow of wind in all the rooms.