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Sunday, October 13, 2013

power from the air ?

today seems to be eventful. blame it on the odisha cyclone ?

my radio stopped suddenly. i used to put it on in the morning.
and it usually goes on giving me all the news and songs and titbits.
without claim or complaint.  but today it just stopped.

i thought it is the usual clamour for attention. machines are men too.
i went and pulled out the power chord and put it back with a pat on
the dial and a shake on the antenna rod. no. nothing.

i went for a minor operation. i opened up the power supply
section and found that  the small transistor guy is burnt to chocolate
brown. no power . no way. except to put a new one there.

but then modern day gadgets work with very little power.
this radio of mine is happy if it gets about a watt at 5 volts.

is there no way to give him that small power except by
drawing from the power supply grid which powers my
fridge , ac and such biggies ? cant we draw it from the air ?

my radio like any other radio picks up radio waves from the air ,
accepts the audio signals to give me the sound bites . and throws
away the carrier. cant we process this carrier to get that small
power required to run my receiver ?

better still cant the broadcaster transmit the small power required
to run a radio receiver, along with the audio signals ?

or am i  just dreaming ? of those little gadgets which will work
with no external power supply , drawing power from the the radio
wavesin the air which carry the power transmitted specifically for
this purpose by the thoughtful broadcaster ?

early morning dreams have a curse attached to it. they come true.
will they ? or will those dreams keep visiting me with no real purpose?