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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

environment protection and things

environment protection is a double edged sword. it cuts both ways.
 it is thru exploitation of natural resources which we now call
 environment that we progresed. ( what sort of progress it  is
 is a different question ). this is what the advanced counties did.
 now they sit back and say u dont do it. there is immense selfishness
 and dirty politics behind environmentalism.

the other side is that whatever is left of environment needs to
 be protected . in the long term interest of the world.
 but then there should be adequate compensation.
in better terms than carbon credit.

coming to western ghats my own personal selfish view is
 that a little laxity in the implementation gadgill report is
not all that bad. let us take care of the immediate future.
distant future is capable of caring for itself. even if it is not,
 there is pretty little we can do. so let us do what we can.
let us not do attempt what cant easily pull off. a little
selfishness is not bad . it is our birth right.