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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

we too mars

dear  mars
we indians  too are coming.
alert the people there ( aliens to us ).
let us see if we can build a small colony there.
of course under the guidance of you martians only.

i think it is time to go crazy about our universe.
sometimes we are told that the universe is expanding.
many times we are informed it is shrinking .

could it be  becoz our universe is in the shape of a ring ?
or better still bangle. with a lot of beads all over the ring.
 the beads revolve on the  frame of the ring . ( just like
 in our bangle , the beads cannot move along the frame of
the ring . they can only revolve around the frame  ). when these
beads are in the  in the return mode ( revolve inwards towards the
centre of the ring )  we feel the universe is shrinking.
when many of them are in  the going out phase ( revolving
away from the centre) we feel the universe is expanding.

but then things should never be that simple. so let us  add a
little complexity. that the ring itself is  a bead in another bigger
ring and therefore our ring also is revolving. the bigger ring
and the still bigger ring.... god alone knows.

i am watching the launch live  on doordarshan
about 1800 seconds since launch and the space craft is
successfully  placed in orbit.  it is time for me to sign off