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Saturday, October 12, 2013

pseudo random thoughts

1. the soul
very difficult to support or oppose its existence. soul can be considered as that software which  controls our thinking or our mind which in turn controls our body and therefore our activities. and the beauty is that it is independent of the body or the mind in which it resides and can therefore migrate. may be it can delete itself say from a dead body and re install be frank i dont know where. 
my only solace is that  may be i am destined not to know.  in fact the system theory states that as long one remains a part of any system one can never  understand the system. for example if u r a brick in a wall u can never have any idea about the bldg of which u r a part.

2. random
nothing like that exists.  the only thing is that we do not understand the logic behind it. look at the random movement of electrons in quantum physics. we do not understand the pattern, so we call it random. we only know the trace ( probable path ) over a period of time.
in computer it is not random . it is pseudo random. the program modifies the slection based on the history. present selction depends on the last selection and of course a set of rules. so it appears random.

3. design deficiencies
do u rememember when u crushed a   house fly against the window glass.  u could do it becoz the house  fly doesnt know the concept of glass. it thinks if the light comes thru then there is nothing in between. similar design deficiencies are there in human beings too.
the sound u can hear is about 200 hz to 20 khz . we cant hear the low freq sound made by a whale. we simply cant see the radiation which we call x rays while a lower freq radiation called light is visible to us. it goes on...
then the question who decided on the design. god . may be.  stephen kawking says yes and no about existence of god on difffernt occasions. remember the famous sayings of einstein
' god doesnt play dice'  and later ' i am not sure'.

sorry for deviating. may be the free will that we talk of is not free but directed.