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Thursday, October 24, 2013

rash driving

let us try documenting the incidents of rash driving.
not in the hope that they will be punished . but to bring
home the fact nothing goes unnoticed. especially the
wrong things.
ernakulam. october 24 , 2013.  around 11.35 a m.
city bus no. 1852 ( i could not note down the
complete number. ) going to maneka side applies
sudden brake near the general hospital. probably to
pick up a passenger.
scooter ( kl 42 /  8026 ) coming behind the bus just
manages to avoid a collision but skids in the process.
scooter tilts  and the lady sitting at the back falls on the
road. great luck that no vehicle came behind.  no serious
injuries . only bruises on the elbow.
the bus driver did not stop. he was probably not even
i brought the incident to the notice of a traffic police
officer in the near by junction.
why was the bus driven so carelessly ?  an answer today
may help us tomorrow.