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Thursday, October 10, 2013

speed control. some grounding thoughts

our transport deptt is at it. they are out to reduce
 road accidents . good  drive.
they have statistics to support it. kerala ranks first
in road accidents, say statistics. statistics has got an
advantage. it is  mostly unverifiable. and none ever
declares the source. so let us believe it.
or forget it. with or without statistics, road accidents
need to be controlled. but the big question is how.
before that probably we need to know why road
accidents take place. look at the reasons.
the tallest of them all, we believe, is speed. speed not
limited to 70 kph. where on our roads can we drive
at 70 or 60 or 50 is a mute question .
let us assume that there are a few stretches. are these
stretches responsible for the accidents ? do they contribute
their due share ? let us believe they do . without bothering
now how to control speed ? detect it first. put cameras.
in strategic places. which means where the motorists
cant spot them. they will come in top speed. the camera
will catch them. and we can punish them. the latest being
suspension of driving licence. fine is out of fashion.
so far so good. but why not help them not to break the law?
not to exceed the limit ? by telling them in advance. thru a
banner across the road which says 'camera 500 meters ahead'.
and watch the result. use statistics. see if it helps.
the beauty is that we can try it even without installing
a camera.
may not be that easy. it is probably our mindset. we enjoy
pointing accusing fingers. as often as possible. it is probably
the  critic in our psyche. or our inflated ego. what a better
way to boost our ego than pulling some one down. at least
in our thoughts.
the purpose however of this long post is just to ask at least
to myslef the question. why should our transport authorities
declare. 'dont rejoice about the android app which warns u
of the camera. we still have special mobile squads which
cannot be detected '
tail piece. are the pot holes on the roads responsible for
road accidents in any way ? in the unlikey event that they
are, who should be booked ? on the sly or after advance
warning ?