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Thursday, May 12, 2016

open an account please

modi made a positive impact this time. unlike his earlier visit to kerala. but more need to be done to open account in the assembly. like

-- make regular visits to the state for the next five years. to understand the state. do not bank too much on the local managers.
-- put up a candidate like sreesanth or rahul eashwar . hard core will not do. it is difficult to sell fascism here but it is possible to appeal to the youth

in fact it is difficult to sell any straitjacket ideology to the youth. not only in kerala . all over india. they will not join any left right march. they may however fall in line if the parade is clean and has a target. which modi appears to offer. most of the time. in spite of the disastrous consequences of the distractions in rest of the time.

bjp may not make headway in kerala. but modi can have his man in the assembly . tomorrow if not today