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Sunday, December 14, 2014

universe expanding or collapsing ?

talking about the paradox of whether the universe is expanding or contracting, i too think it is  both. like the rings on a ring rotating on their circular axis. if u look from the top it will look like  infinite outward motion. if u look from the bottom u will see only the never ending collapse or churning inwards. if u r lucky to be at the center of the main ring u can see both motions. but only  if all the rings on the ring are in synchronous motion . moving out or in at the same time which is almost an impossibility. as a result what u see even if u stand at the center is the most chaotic scene of some parts of the universe moving out and many others moving in. given the constraint that we can only see or feel or be in only  a miniscule portion of the universe we will feel the universe expanding  at some time and contracting at some other time . time here means the allotment and  the  permission  to be present in , feel or observe or interact with in any manner, a small specified portion of the universe . god knows by whom.