q u o t e

Saturday, December 13, 2014

if time isn't real why does it appear to exist ?

1. nothing is real but they all seem to exist. so does time.

2. growth in both positive and negative directions is one phenomenon which cannot be disassociated with time real or virtual. probably our perception is hard wired to see it that way.

3. time is probably a hierarchy with god at  the top. look at an amoeba and see how we feel superior on account of the much higher time allocated to us.

4. our concept of time  probably developed from our inability to comprehend anything absolute.  or is it the other way ? we can take in only comparisons or relative observations. we have no way to detect motion except relative to another body.

5. probably the time to worry about time has not come.  and if it ever comes and if we have time at that time ....