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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

tweets recap ....1

                          the year is  sliding into the shadows
                          to re appear soon  in another name
             here are a few of the tweets
                 i tried in 2014  
execution remains in the statute book either due to
 our collective barbarism or individual super ego
  which enjoys the power to kill legally

italian marines are in our jails for months
 without trial. italy promises to try them in
  italy. cant we be magnanimous ?

conversion reconversion re re conversion all should be
 banned.from the news rooms. becoz they r too silly
  when compared to our real problems

new planng commisn shd enable not restrict,be dynamic
 not hang on to obsolete rules,err on the postive side
   not stay safe on the negtve side

bird flu. for testing pune or bhopal . why not testing
 stations in every state if not in every district ?
  high time to set priorities right

kiss of love.marine drive event on nov 2nd evening.
 needs to be supported. our problem is not indecent
  exposure but the frantic search for it

"If our species is to survive, it is imperative
  we voyage out into the blackness of space ...
   colonize new worlds across the cosmos" hawking

the badaun sisters were never abducted or raped !
 cbi is working on suicide forced by the girls' 
  family? so the original story baseless?

malala keep the fire raging inside u.let no accolade
 douse it. we need to burn a lot in this world to
  help a new order emerge from the ashes

modi got nothing from US. not even sangeetha's husband
 who was illegally rescued from indian legal system.
  yet i support his initiative.

a school in trivandrum is shut down for the reason
 that a student was locked up in a dog's cage as
  punishment.. but is it the only way out ?

jaya in bail no appeal is no justice.
 we r overdoing it as usual. if it was the executive
  in the past it is the judiciary these days

gadgil is reported to have said there is no need
 for quarries (in western ghats) as flats remain
  unsold in kakkanad.unbelievably silly logic

what a pity that modi will not meet sherif in UN.
 agreed pak made the first wrong move. india reacted
  strongly. now india shld act not react

expert discussion on tv on our mars mission.
 mars will now be freed from the superstition
  chovvadosham assigned to it ! how superfluous ?

km mani says kerala didnt get tax share from centre
 last year (congress) and this year (bjp govt).
  if true isnt something wrong with kerala?

beware. shopping mall employees extort money.
 they leave some items unbilled then accuse shop
  lifting and take money for not calling police

india can't afford to lose a diplomatic match with pak.
 same for pak too.why not a draw which will be more
   useful than a win in the long run?

snake massage for relaxation.These reptiles will
 slither their way into your heart constricting your
  stress levels, asphyxiating your woes

kerala lost a golden chance to implement 5 day week.
 2 days a week for family would definitely boost  
  efficiency and output,not the other way

india england cricket match. how interesting.
 indian batsmen want to get out at the first ball
  but england says no. but see how india wins

kerala govt suffers huge income loss due
 to the prohibition move. why cant the centre
 compensate kerala? why is kerala not making a demand ?

want a degree from yale university? attend 6 day
 management course. they may call it a certificate.
  degree is a certificates too, isn't it ?