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Thursday, December 11, 2014

atheism .. again

1. science is not  the last word. science told us many wrong things and later said sorry. to very many questions science is still looking at the sky and beyond with open mouths.   science is that urge to search and search but with no chance of ever finding the truth the whole truth i mean. the feeling that we are getting  nearer to the destination is a self sustaining survival technique.  it helps. even mirage has its use.

2. atheism essentially is counter theism. if theism is +6 on a scale of 10 atheism is  -6. to sustain the  fight atheism  needs to use the  same weapons  the enemy use.  and it does. like  selective use and denial of reasoning , (  i heard an atheist friend say it has to be proved to believe but lack of proof is enough to disbelieve ) commitment bordering on fascism...

3. let us try zero faith for a change . leaving a lot of space on both sides  positive and negative . try it for sustainability. do u believe ? no. disbelieve ? no . this zero space is big enough to accommodate any. not only in faith but in life