q u o t e

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

hunger in the schools

   hunger in the class room

hunger is not just a six letter word.

it is the scar deep inside.
it is the ache that goes on and on.
it is the void which never gets filled.
it is the scorn that never stops hurting.
it is the growl that any one can hear.
it is the curse that i bear on your behalf.

in the exam hall i blink and go blank
in the class room i doze off lest i faint.
in the playground i crouch to crush the cramps.
when i open the book it is to cover the tear drops.

if you want to feed my brain and not my stomach
if you want to give me books and not beans
if you want to teach me etiquette but not survival
if you want me to run and win on an empty stomach

i don't know when i will fall pulling you down

i don't know how long you can stand and stare