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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

an eight year old post re published.....5

school girls close their books 

it happens every where. the last time it was in alleppey kerala. it happens at regular intervals. the latest was a month back.
three girls of a school in alleppey committed suicide. these girls decided just after  living for 13 or 14 years on this earth to end the whole thing. they probably had enough.
police arrested three boys of the school.  they have been charged  with delivering the girls to the sex  racket.  scribes are out to know what filled their life and choked it.  we readers will probably get the story  on our breakfast table. neatly sliced and spiced to  taste.
we will soon know how the boys talked of divine  love. how the girls  fell for it and agreed to  try out everything in adolescent ecstasy. how the girls were shown the  video clippings  the next day and asked to report the day after and thereafter whenever they were called.  how they were used and abused , sold and bought back and sold again , rented out  on daily basis and then on hourly  rates.
we may also be told how the girls realised that it was all over for them and took the final plunge. 
but  we may never know who the boys were reporting to.   how the boys are recruited and retained. how big is the big boss and what his reach is.  neither the police nor the scribes will get any where   near the people who really controls it all. 
business will go on as usual . may be with renewed vigour to recover the cost of  managing the leak. and with better security system in place to rule out another leak with the result that we will hear less of such incidents in future.
but there are a few things which still haunt me . in spite of the sophistication i acquired , in spite of the practised ease with which i  turn away from most of the issues.

1.  ok. the girls were tricked into sex. but what made them think it is the end of the road . why didnt they think of confiding in their  parents after the first  incident .   is it because parents are not with their kids any more. are we the parents to blame.

2. what made the boys deliver their colleagues to the sex  racketeers.  is it  the money or the drugs or both.  what can we do about it .

3. did our morality kill the girls.  is our society to balme.   do we make our girls believe that there is no life after an accident  if it is of  the sexual variety.