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Thursday, January 7, 2016

an 8 year old post reproduced...2

killing for faith
it happened last year. everyone thought that was the last. but it happened again last month. every one saw it on the media.

kannur burnt again . people started  killing again. sitting far away in kochi i do not know what really happened.  and it is dificult to believe the media. they have reasons aplenty to distort facts. the most accepted excuse is that disclosure is against national interests which means this bit of news is only for the  privileged  like media persons and the people who made the news and the authorities whose  failure probably paved the way.  simply put you and me are not supposed to know the truth lest we react lest we speak out. so much for the free press in the country.

coming back to kannur,  innocent looking persons were hacked while sipping   tea.  simple looking persons were raced thru the streets and  sliced like vegetables when they fell .  ( last year teachers were dragged out from class room and slain ) the disturbing  common thread is that there was no fight no arguments. no immediate provocations at all. 

so no emotions were involved. no tempers.  not even revenge.  only cold blooded decisions and calculations.   well thought out plans and programs. 

yet there is a rationale .  people kill because of their faith . faith in communism, in swayamsevakism , in catholicism , in allahooism.

will these  executioners ever be debriefed  of the dogmas which their leaders have forced into  their brains ?

will  the leaders and  instigators  be exposed  and punished ever ?

can we at least hope for a long break before the next episode ?