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Monday, November 25, 2013

the food security bill

1. can v afford it ?     yes. in fact as tehelka says we cant afford
                                  not to.
2. profligate ?      definitely not . one or two percentage of gdp is
                             not  that big an amount.
3. do we produce enough ?     yes. we waste a lot of it too.
4. can v deliver ?    i have my doubts. tamil nadu and chattisgarh
                                are short term exceptions.
5. will the bill be implemented with the same zeal with which it is
    passed ?
                  no.   political gains will start dwindling soon after the
                  elections. in fact a failed bill  will start giving   better
                   political dividends  in course of time.

malnutrition will  have the last laugh. starting in the womb.