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Saturday, November 23, 2013

tehelka scam... with apologies

i read her email in which she gives all the details. there is no doubt that his advance was intentional. but my naggging doubt. was there a trace of consent ( unintentional , no doubt ) in her look or body language or the  protest  which tejpal probably  read  (wrong reading , no doubt ) as weak in his drunken state during the first incident.  the second time when she retorted strongly he did restrain himself. in that context was it unavoidable to share the incident with his daughter, not even his wife ?
and regarding the deatils she gives in the email. he pulled down  the underwear... i picked up the underwear and left... so he pulled it out ?  is it that easy to remove the underwear of a standing struggling girl ?
my intention is not to justify tejpal. his act is not justifiable . no one has any right to intrude into even the personal space of any one , let alone the body.
i am also not trying to sillify ( sic ? ) the trauma. coming from a father figure, respected and close family friend it is indeed devastating.
my only doubt is about the reaction . could she have probably reported the incident to the md first and waited  before sharing it with his daughter ?
i repeat any unsolicited sexual advances is a crime and should be punished. but then should we expect the victim to be magnanimous enough to give the benefit of doubt of an accident to the culprit at least in exceptional circumstances ? frankly i dont know