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Sunday, November 24, 2013

sun shine again

the clouds are all in jail . sun is  out shining bright all over kerala.
if the recent policy guidelines are to be implemented solar power
scene in kerala will brighten up .
at least 500 watt solar power unit  is a must if you are planning to
build a house bigger than 2000 sq ft.  1000 watt if it is bigger than
3000 sq ft. and solar water heaters too. mandatory.
the catch probably is in the subsidy scheme. i will call it a dream
not a seldom realise it. but you are not allowed to
wake up. if the slumber contiues  ......
any  scheme should be easy to implement.  simplify is the slogan
the world over. but we cherish  making things complicated.
and our pride is directly proportional to the complexity that we
embed in the design. solar subsidy scheme is no exception. in fact
it is a shining example of  the complexest ( sic ? )  design we can
ever think of.  more of it later.
if by chance anyone is concerned about supporting the solar power
project by lowering the entry barrier ( by sharing the initial cost )
here is a suggestion
---- subside the cost of solar panels to the extent the govt can afford.
solar panels can be used only to generate solar power and hence
the subsidy cannot be misused in any way. no other component like
inverter , batteries need  be considered for subsidy as they are multi
use products.
--- disburse the subsidy by way of direct credit to the bank account
of the beneficiary based on just two documents. 1. the purchase bill
2. copy of the electricity bills before and after installation of the
panels to establish the fact that the consumption has come down.
 ( no need to fix a minimum. but knowing our buraucratic
compulsions i suggest 10% )

if we wake up in time to welcome the rising sun,
this post will continue.