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Sunday, October 16, 2016

the sunday chenda

the sunday chenda
dum dum it is sunday
the 16th of oct 2016

dumdum . russia signs big business deals with india. so the hate is gone and love is back. good . though it took a long time for russia to get back to india . and a circuitous route . with a brief stop in pakistan.  

good that india and russaia hug again. though it proves yet again that money is the key. who lost or who gained in the bargain is not important right now. but the fact that india bargained tough remains. keeping usa just outside the court. throwing gleeful glances  at regular intervals. and sharing a few intimate moments. that is a welcome change in tactics. for a nation two is not more for number of suitors.

the highlight is that the media was caught napping. they got  nothing at all of what was in store. and that is the story normal for media india.

conversely india can take credit for keeping it all well wrapped up. to be frank, could be silly , the biggest improvement in india is in its dealing with countries. modi needs to be applauded. though his detractors fail to see the change or opt to look the other way.

dumdum . kerala minister resigns on charges of nepotism . that he could prove his mettle in about 100 and odd days is surprising to the common man. but  the story is slowly getting clearer. it is faction fight yet again in the party. central leadership is determined to free the kerala unit from the clutches of the kannur lobby .  and it gets support from who is who of cpm in kerala . that calls for speculation, not celebration.

at the face of it job for a relative or two in  the govt overlooking merits is not a big thing.  that was the norm till yesterday. for the all the parties. the  change is welcome. but not the way it is used to settle scores in intra party feuds. kannur lobby , which is now being disowned by everyone , was not long ago the mainstay of the party in kerala. and the sacrifices of these unsophisticated comrades made to grow the party and protect it at all crucial junctions thereafter can be ignored only at great cost to the party. bengal is an example . it was the internal feuds that brought down cpm in bengal .  but the lessons the party learned from bengal , it seems , is to replicate bengal elsewhere.

or look at the congress party. it was internal fights which brought its govt down at the centre. and destroyed the party . can any one think of a party which makes some one a minister for 4 years and sends him to jail thereafter.  the surprising similarity with the cpm in kerala is disturbing. the message any party which sacrifices its minister at the drop of a hat , sends across is loud and clear. too naive to perform.  or too sophisticated to put faith on. 

dumdum. stray dog issue gets murkier in kerala. the one who says he will get the stray dogs away from the streets and protect them in his own farm is dragged to the court. no clue. just like the original law which the social development minister at the centre quotes often to prod the state govt to punish those who killed stray dogs which attacked and killed human beings all over the state . probably posterity will have a hearty laugh on this piece of strange legislation .

dumdum  till next sunday