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Friday, August 26, 2016

grid tied solar unit working fine in pollachi

snaps of a grid tied solar inverter installed at the house
of a friend in pollachi. working fine for more than a year.
generates about 4.8 units per day from 1 kw solar panel.

kerala govt has been talking about grid tied solar units
on roof tops for at least 3 years. why the govt is sitting tight
on the proposal is beyond comprehension. it cant't be
simple things like lethargy , ignorance or the proverbial
red tape. should be some thing more sinister.

i too had thought that the problem is technical like say
synching with the phase of grid supply. nothing . it is
working fine in pollaachi just 4 hours drive from ernakulam.
and my friend who owns an exceptionally big house there
paid just about rs 100 as electricity charges (net of solar
supply to the grid ) in the last 6 months

two way meter
grid tied inverter

inverter specs and make