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Sunday, March 30, 2014

worried of fascism taking root in india ?

i am worried. a wee bit . not more . not enough to lose sleep. not till 5 am. i am sure. know why  ?

fascism is very much like selfishness. incidentally what is wrong with selfishness ? it is my birth right. to protect myself and enhance myself. the only problem is that it is the right of my friend my  neighbor  my enemy too. so my selfishness will clash with his selfishness. and eventually selfishness will learn  to  confine itself to safe limits. in this steady state selfishness is manageable. so we live with it.

fascism, soft or hard, will follow the path traced by selfishness. my fascism will clash with your fascism.  for a short period. ( especially in india. we are not known for staying power ) and finally will  declare truce. and stand off at safe distance. of course making faces at each other. ( this is what we are really good at ).

so fascism is not worth losing your early morning sleep.