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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

more on the book

yes i read the book. i repeat it is a good read.

what stand out are a few revelations like
amma too mensrtuated like other women
and had sex with a colleague. and that gail herself
had to consent to sex with a colleague against her
wish, well, almost. and that amma lost temper many
times in private as against her ever composed
posture in public.
i fail to understand what earth shattering impact
these revelation-looking-allegations can have either
on the ashram or its activities except to prove that
all the players in this great drama are human beings.
who are imperfect by design possibly divine.

i reiterate that i personally do not consider these things
as a blot on the  great amma movement and i hastily add
i am no fan and never met amma nor been to the ashram.

i have posted a few articles in my e daily
( look for the 4th march edition under archives
   if they are not in the current edition of the paper )
from the other side to get a little closer to the truth.

my conclusion is that gail got physically and mentally
tired of the ever increasing demand on her time and faith
made by the ashram and finally she called quits. i fail to
see anything unnatural here too.

i read with delight  the  trance and heavenly
tranquility gail felt  during the early days in the
ashram. and the rare times when she felt she was with god.
i only hope they are true and not exaggerated beyond
the limit that is assumed for  fiction.