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Friday, March 21, 2014

that war

excerpts from the book
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Guilty Men of 1962  by  D R Mankekar

Why was China in a hurry to declare a cease-fire in November? Firstly, being November the Himalayan winter was approaching. The Chinese had to decide whether they wanted to take the war to the plains with their communication lines likely to be distended by snow or capitalize on their gains. Also the govt had many problems at home. Secondly, Anglo-American aid was a decisive factor; the first plane load had arrived on November 3. Thirdly the tide of world opinion was turning against China. India realized that many of its friends in the Afro-Asia block did not stand up for her. (Old story! Sorry for sounding cynical but when the Kandhar hijack happened, Britian, Germany, China, Bangladesh – none stood up for us )

Lastly, the Chinese had captured the strategic area in Akshai Chin.

Amongst the guilty, next to Nehru, Menon and the military leaders, was the Opposition. They were largely responsible for pushing Nehru into a corner and forcing him to fight the Chinese at the wrong time and place. Nor can they escape responsibility for ignoring the defence needs esp. after 1959.