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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

will the lokpal bill end corruption ?

will it end corruption ?
no. it will have the same fate as of other bills.
it will remain in the statute book and will never be used.
except to beat an enemy.

yes . corruption will see a decline . in spite of the bill.
due to the awareness created in the run up to the bill.
in fact t is not the bill but the feeling behind it which
really transforms a society. and it will happen in india too.

will it come down to such a level that we will lose the
rank among most corrupt countries ?

unfortunately no. becoz corruption is the other side of
development. it has to be a delicate balance. we can
push for zero corruption but it will invariably kill the
initiative to take risk which is the most important
ingredient for development.
take for example the coal scam . or the 2g case. there was no perfect
way of doing it at that time. it was a choice which involved risk.
and if the one who is taking that risk has to spend the rest of
his life behind bars why should he take a decision at all ?
he can earn his salary and perks with out taking decisions.

it is not enough if one is  clean but he should be seen as clean,
say , ten years from now. some one can allege that the action which
he took ten years back or fifteen years back lead to loss to the govt.
based on calculations using the latest technology and current political
morality. it is not easy to defend an action taken in the  past .
neither is it fashionable.

ultimately is it that corruption will never end ?
unfortunately yes. the musical chair will continue. the chairs will
remain the same. action , corruption, punishment , action. what
one should ensure is that the music does not stop for long. the
running should continue . who gets which chair in the short
interval is not important. it is the game which we call governance
(alias development ) that is important.

nothing can be done ?
no harm in dreaming. have a re look at corruption. ultimately
it is accumulation of wealth . forget about where it came from since
disproportionate exploitation of resources is the only source from
which wealth can accumulate which is what we call corruption.
just see if one has it. distribute the wealth. the whole of it.
by normal means if available.  if  not forget about the means
as well.

the easiest way to fight corruption is to make accumulation of
wealth unprofitable. by any means.