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Monday, December 16, 2013

tejpal , ganguly et al

the latest is on ganguly. he used his position and power to
subjugate young girls working under him. ditto with tejpal.

the message they sent out is clear. reject  my invitation and risk
your job.  follow me to my bed room and sleep well thereafter.

despicable. no doubt.  they should be stopped . and punished.

but should they be hanged ? imprisoned for not less than 15 years
or denied bail ? i have my doubts. it was after all an
invitation. not abduction. it was encroachment. not occupation.
it was an  ugly threat  but not open violence.

we should have a system of grading  sexual crimes. similar
to what we have in other crimes. we do not see a slap as an attempt
to murder. we differentiate between an altercation and a planned
attack. and the punishments are graded too.

we should have a similar system for sex crimes too.  attempt
to molest a girl and retreat when she protested is different
from abduction and rape. is different from physical assualt to
the point of death and murder.

not that they should be ignored. they should also be punished.
but on a proper scale. we should have that sense of proportion.
given the fact that the area bounded by consent, dissent, rebuke
and fight back is ill defined at many points in  matters sex.
consent is many times dissent held back for external reasons.
dissent could be a taunt in the game of sex. yesterday's consent
could be interpreted as dissent tomorrow. ....

the lurking danger is that power and position are used to subdue
and abuse  subordinates , sexually and otherwise.  the biggest
challenge is how to put an end to it. the easiest way probably is to
do what sweta menon did in kerala. she went public , named the
persons and gave a graphic account in the media. yet stopped short
of filing a criminal complaint. she never withdrew the allegations
either.  enough probably for these oldies who have family and  social
status to keep.

 tejpal and ganguly also fit the bill. what has already been said
and done should be punishment enough for these men who
slipped and fell into such a deep hole. let us not forget all the
good things they stood for, just on this folly . let us  not obliterate
the many  wars they fought against injustice and won for the good
of the society in their earlier incarnation. that is, before the fall.