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Friday, December 20, 2013

attempt to humiliate the govt of india ?

devayani issue probably is a deliberate attempt to humiliate
the government of india . see the chronology of events.
    ( more details in the article below. )

September 4:  US state department writes to Indian ambassador saying it is concerned about Richards' situation.

September 21:  Indian embassy tells US authorities not to interfere in Richards's matter, as according to it, she is attempting a monetary settlement and a US visa - which contravene laws in both the countries.

November 19:  Delhi court issues arrest warrant against Richards.
December 6:  The warrant is sent to US authorities to get the arrest implemented, but it is ignored.

December 10:  Nanny's husband Philip travels to the US along their two children facilitated by a special US visa.
December 12:  Khobragade arrested in New York. Bail posted at $250,000, The diplomat's passport is seized, and she is told not to leave the US.

Manhattan Attorney Preet Bharara's reported statement that Sangeeta Richard's husband was flown out of the country as a legal process was started in India against the victim to silence her.

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