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Saturday, December 21, 2013

india badly needs a 'standard procedure'

standard procedure

'standard procedure' has become such a powerful word
in the last few weeks. everyone in america used it
so many times and india had no reply. we should also
put in place a standard procedure and follow it up,
taking lessons from  america. here are a few

1. India should put in place a standard procedure for intake and
   keepin  with the following compulsory steps

   i. repeated handcuffing (compulsory )
   handcuffing may not be done immediately. also they may be
   taken off  for making calls to request someone to pick up the
   little kids from  school and take them somewhere, but  should
   be put back immediately.  the time and occasion when the
   handcuffs were removed should be recorded   so that it can be
   explained later that the victim was not handcuffed
   immediately or all the time .

   ii. strip search (compulsory)
   simultaneous and all direction cavity search is to be done. but
   some cavities (preferably the nostrils or the ear lobes ) should be
   excluded so that it can be explained later that no cavity search
   was done and that it was only a strip search.

   iii. drug addicts and sex workers (not compulsory )
   if the victim is lodged with the above categories, then it should
   be ensured that they are indian citizens so that it can be explained
   later that the victim was lodged along with indian citizens.

2. India should strengthen its law enforcing mechanism.
    there are a dozen indian rules a diplomat breaks on any given day.
    india should write to the embassies about these violations, ignore
    their reply and arrest the diplomat for violation of federal rules.
    the diplomat need not be pulled out of the car immediately if it is
    very cold outside. she may also be offered coffee ( which she will
    naturally refuse in anticipation of the forthcoming favourites like
    strip search )

3. India should be more proactive on human rights violations.
   india should collect details of wages paid by relatives and
   associates  of all diplomats stationed in india. this should include
   the wages   paid in their own countries too. india should look for
   complaints  arising anywhere in the world and put in place a
   mechanism to airlift husband and children of the victim especially
   if there are court proceedings against them in their own countries.

4. Indian government should learn to manage their media better.
   leading newspapers should be asked to write edits defending the
   government action. they should be guided to refer to developments
   ( like aam aadmi's success in indian election ) in the affected
   country and hope that they will evolve further to accept our
   line of thinking ,if nothing solid can be said in defense of the govt.