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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

i own ten 500 rupee notes please guide me

i am from odisaa labouring in kerala for the last few months. i earn rs 700 per day . i have no sundays or holidays.   i manage with about 100 rupees per day. thus i send home to my kids eight to nine thousand rupees every fortnight. by money order. and sometimes thru friends when they go home.
when the midnight bolt struck i was holding ten currency notes of 500 indian rupees each . i stood in the que for a few hours every day but could never reach the bank counter in time. yet i hadn't felt till this time that i would lose my money. i am not sure now. please advise me what to do .
i don't mind branding. i have already been branded many times over. harijan , migrant , below poverty line and so on. i can take another one   ' caught with ten 500 rupee notes '.
i don't care for dignity. hunger is a more powerful reality for me.  i don't care for that right called equality. i have always got preferential treatment . every where.
i had got my forefinger inked in every election. to help democracy survive, i know. i dont't mind another indelible mark on my finger. on all my fingers left and right if that helps.
kindly advise .