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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

article 370

i think  the invitation to discuss article 370
should be accepted. to oppose, if not for anything
else, those who say article 370 is so sacrosanct that
even a public discussion  will be considered an offence.

now coming to the article 370 itself, i know nothing much
about it. i believe a vast majority is with me.

but many including me know that it is something which
facilitates special treatment of  J & K and keep the control
of the govt of india  to the minimum. probably necessitated
by the special circumstances under which the state joined
the indian union.

so far so good. but that these privileges should continue  as long
as  sun and earth exist is unacceptable.  the need to continue
the privileges should definitely be reviewed.

it is already too late. let us not lose further time.

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