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Thursday, May 29, 2014

aranmula air port

what is wrong with an airport in aranmula ?

1. where is the need ?
          where was the need for cochin airport
          50 years back ? or a railway line 200 years
          back ? or kochi metro 10 years back ?

         the fact is that this infrastructure will
         definitely find use 5 years from now
         and will be indispensable from say  the
         tenth  year onwards.
          let us not be shortsighted while
         assessing infrastructure needs.

2.  is it not upsetting the ecological balance ?

         probably yes. as is reported if it is going
         to create an island in the centre of  a vast
         paddy field blocking water flow and
         obstructing natural movement, yes, it will
         damage the ecology.

        but let us know how big the damage is.
        and if  remedial action is possible . at the
        cost and responsibility of the airport company.

         if nothing is possible let us debate whether
        it is a reasonable price to pay for development.

        let us not  use the ecology sword and
       cut down  all developments.

3.  didnt the green court say
         the study was not proper
         and the feed back arrangement  inadequate ?

       let us have a proper assessment  by the best agency
       and put the report on public domain long enough to
       collect all the feed back.

      let us not discard the whole book saying it
      contains spelling mistakes which can easily
      be corrected in the next edition

if development calls for a little partiality
let us show that partiality consciously