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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

are we driving down the doomsday lane with failed brakes

in a state transport bus in kerala an young man gets killed. he is beaten to death by the co passengers .
on the preumption that he picked the pocket of a  passenger who claimed that he lost rupees ten thousand .

 the beating started in the bus . in the second round he was laid on a bench and beaten by three persons including a police constable ( not on duty ) till the poor fellow breathed his last. the poor victim never reacted at all . he was not given a chance.

it is now clear that he did not do the crime for which he was punished with death penalty. he was in fact returning home with a duck and  a few eggs and the money he got from the bank by pledging his ornaments.

let us ask ourselves  a few daunting questions

       have we become so brutal that we have  the capacity  to beat and kill a person in a public
                    place   in broad day light ?
       have we become so arrogant that  we believe we have the right to allege, to try , to decree , to deny   
                     appeal and  to execute the punishment  , all in one sitting ?  
       have we become so unruly that we do not believe in our legal system ,   trust our government
                    or respect the social  norms ?
       have we become so inhuman that we could not see  the man whom we beat up as some one
                    with a family, kids , parents , friends and  didgnity ?
       have we become so unresponsive that the rest of us can now sit back and enjoy the drama and foreget
                    all about it after a couple of episodes of  our favourite  t v serial    ?
      are we as a society driving down the doomsday lane with failed brakes  ?