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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the right side of superstitions

i am plnning to cover superstitions  in detail  later some time. but right now let me share a story.

superstitions are lost kites.  some one  put it in the sky and with a purpose. but the string is broken. so we cannot trace the owner or know the purpose . here is the story.

in a remote village in bihar people believed that they should never dig a well anywhere in the village lest they would be ruined. a reformer group said this is superstition and dug wells all over. they thus solved the acute drinking water shortage in the village and became instant heroes.

a few decades later a medical team investigated the cause of a bone breaking disease ( i dont recall the name ) seen in almost every kid born after a certain year. they found that the water the villagers drank contained dangerous dose of flourides.

of course the wells were closed and future generations were saved.

but what a price to pay to learn the truth behind a superstition

m k mathai